M seires / Milling Sander
MT: Milling sander (Table adjustable)
MU: Milling sander (Table fixed)

Running smoothly and silently, without tearing woods apart, milling and sanding finished in one process.
Model - Working Width
MT - 610
MT - 1300
Model - Working Width
MU - 610
MU - 1300
Sanding unit
Standard equipment

Working width 610  : 2 cutter

Working width 1300  :  4 cutter


1. An electric eye.

2. Display position number.

3. Alarm bell and flash light.

4. Speed change for feeding, controlled by Inverter (VFD).

5. Rubber Endless Belt.

6. Automatic device for feed belt tracking.

7. Automatic to stop a machine when sanding belt off.

8. Pressure feeder: by steel plate(plating hard chrome).

Optional equipment

* Air jet cleaner for sanding papaer.

* Vacuum device (suction for panel)